Thursday, September 26, 2013

Listen to two trailblazers in our Legislative History. Compiled by Brian Ebbert/Assistant Chief Clerk.


The California Legislature has made an effort to preserve the legacies of two historical figures and the role they played in the development of the legislature during the 20th Century: Secretary of the Senate Joseph A. Beek and Chief Clerk Arthur A. Ohnimus. Below are a few examples of how such history is preserved for posterity.

Historical Video and Audio:  

“Joseph Beek Recording from April 18, 1968”
Hear the iconic Secretary of the Senate, and founder of ASLCS, Joseph A. Beek, as he reminisces about the bygone days, and listen to him call the roll during a Senate floor session in 1968.  Recorded just a few months before he passed away, this audio was eventually played to the full Senate in 1970, to commemorate the legacy of the late Joseph A. Beek.
Link to Beek audio: 

“The Legacy of Arthur Ohnimus”
A brief (9 minute) documentary on the life of Chief Clerk Arthur Ohnimus. Produced in 2008 by the Assembly.

“Interview of the longtime Assembly Chief Clerk in 1958”
A 19 minute audio recording of a 1958 interview of the longtime Chief Clerk. Produced in 1958 by KCAL radio.
A magnetic reel-to-reel tape was discovered in 2007, containing audio from a 1958 interview of Chief Clerk Arthur Ohnimus. The interview was conducted by then-Assemblyman Jack Beaver.  Segments from this audio recording were used to make the above documentary film. Topics covered: role of Chief Clerk, history of women legislators, Assembly traditions, committee system, districts, differences between Assembly and Senate, Joe Beek, budget process, etc.  Note: audio picks-up mid-way into the interview.

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